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  • “National Nutrition Week” Promotes “Intelligent Eating and Exercise to Maintain Healthy Weight”
  • Author:  Editor:赵培豪  Source:   DateMay 14, 2018
  • In the morning on May 13, the 2018 “National Nutrition Week” of Wenzhou City jointly organized by College of Public Health and Administration and Disease Control and Prevention Center of Wenzhou City was officially launched. Ying Lai, Party Secretary and President of Wenzhou Science Association, Jinzhong Hua, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang Nutrition Society, Peigen Chen, Vice President of WMU and President of Wenzhou Nutrition Society, and Ben Ke, Party Secretary of the College of Public Health and Administration attended and addressed the opening ceremony. Over 200 residents, undergraduates, and medical staff participated in the opening ceremony.

    Since 2015, Chinese Nutrition Society made the third week of May each as the “National Nutrition Week”. In 2017 the “National Nutrition Week” was listed as a “regular nutrition education program” of the National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030). In 2018, on the basis of the “Good Nutrition for Health China” philosophy, Wenzhou “National Nutrition Week” highlighted the focus on “Intelligent Eating and Exercise to Maintain Healthy Weight” and promotes balanced diet, scientific exercise, and weight management.

    According to Qing Yu, Nutrition Professor of the College of Public Health and Administration and Vice President and General Secretary of Wenzhou Nutrition Society, “intelligent eating” means people shall always follow the rule of not overeating in order to control the intake of general energy and maintain balance between intake and consumption; a direct indicator for measuring energy balance is the body weight and the indicator for a healthy body is the Body Mass Index (BMI); to achieve “intelligent exercise” we need to increase outdoor aerobic exercise and make sure we exercise certain amount of time each day and ensure at least five days of moderate exercise each week, which comes to at least 150 minutes; usually we should at least walk at least 6000 steps each day and minimize sitting time as the only way to ensure a healthy body is by increasing exercise and eating the right food.

    From May 13 to 19, the College of Public Health and Administration will take full advantage of its strengths, primarily targeting residents particularly young people, and enter primary and secondary schools, communities, plazas, islands, hospitals, and radio stations to promote knowledge on nutrition and body weight, scientific diet and body weight control, and improve public understanding about maintaining healthy weight in the form of providing health advice, presentations, science road shows, games, forums, and course creations. According to the schedule, a workshop on the creation of nutrition and health course for Wenzhou students will be held in the school on May 18.

    After the opening ceremony, the 3km walk, free field diagnosis, and nutrition consultation were held. Teachers, doctors, and student volunteers from the College of Public Health and Administration, College of Sports Science, No. 1 Affiliated Hospital, and No.2 Affiliated Hospital participated in these activities. More activities will be held in Wenzhou downtown, Rui’an, and Yueqing cities.


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