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Public Administration
  • Public Administration

    With the launch of Health China 2030 strategic planning, healthcare has grown into the most booming industry of this century. Public Administration (hygiene related) focuses on training managers and leaders for life and healthcare industry. It aims to cultivate highly competent hygiene administration talents with both good medical science and management knowledge for hospitals, health administrative agencies, and pharmaceutical production and sales industries.

    01 Introduction to the major

    Founded in 2001, Management Department offers master’s degree in Public Administration. It is a featured program of Zhejiang Province. It owns a number of province-funded lab and teaching centers including medical security practical training labs, public health decision analysis labs, health service survey and data analysis labs, medical enterprise operation ERP sand table simulation center, health law simulation court, and medical management personnel career development center.

    02 Talent training mode

    An approach featuring “medical science” + “management”


    Length of study

    4 years

    Awarded degree

    Bachelor of Management

    Primary courses

     Key management courses: Principles of   Management, Managerial Psychology, Public Enterprise Management, Human Resource   Management and Development, Administration Science, Administration and   Secretarial Studies, Finance Management, Compensation Management, Information   Resource Management, E-commerce, Public Economics, Microeconomics,   Macroeconomics, Fundamental Accounting

    Key medical courses: Hospital   Administration, Pharmacy Administration and Regulations, Health Service   Management, Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Introduction to Basic   Medicine, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Health   Statistics, Public Health, Health Economics, Epidemiology, Medicara, Health   Law, Medical Ethics, Health Education, Social Medicine


    Training goals



    To train health administration   personnel with highly competent medical science and management knowledge


    During the course of study, students may practice at 5 directly affiliated hospital of the university. We also have a range of health administration practice bases for students to choose from: including 18 health administration centers including National Health and Family Planning Commission, 53 tertiary hospitals including Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, 36 World Top 500 enterprises including Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and AstraZeneca, as well as healthcare insurance companies including Ping’an Life Insurance.


    03 Employment

    Post-graduate admission exam and recommended postgraduate studies

    Around 15% of our students will be enrolled for postgraduate studies with top Chinese universities including Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhongshan University, Wuhan University, Lanzhou University, Jilin University, and Shandong University.

    Employment and startup

    In the last three years, the employment rate of students enrolled for Management studies has remained over 95% and 20% of the public administration graduates are employed by all levels of health administration agencies inside and outside Zhejiang Province, including Health and Family Planning Commission, blood banks, and disease control and prevention center, 40-50% of the graduates will work at the Administration Office, Human Resource Department, Medical Service Department, Science and Education Department, Medical Records Center, and Outpatient Service Office of provincial, municipal and county-based tertiary hospitals, and around 5% of the students will choose to start their own businesses.

    04 Changing majors and international exchanges

    At the end of the first year study, top 30% of the public administration students may change to study clinical medicine, Ophthalmology & Optometry, and stomatology.

    During the second year study, students may apply for one-year exchange program with I-Shou University in Taiwan and Linnaeus University in Sweden; or they may apply for 2-year professional study program with Andrews University in the U.S. and Hokuriku University in Japan.

    05 Academic competition and social practice

    Management Department highly prioritizes undergraduates’ science and research training. It has established science and research training camps for management students. Each year it will encourage students to take part in health administration, medical security, and pharmaceutical administration research. In the last three years, management students have been awarded with 3 national innovation and research projects, over 10 new star projects of Zhejiang Province, and over 30 undergraduate research projects. In the last three years, we have won 3 first prizes, 5 second prizes, and 3 organizational awards of Renwei Cup Research Paper Competition.

    Management students are actively engaged in social practices. By taking advantage of the campaign of encouraging young people in Zhejiang Province to work in the countryside, they take part in the education on the prevention and control of common diseases, promotion of medical reform, and information on drug safety, for which they have won high acclaims and praises from all walks of society.

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